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Business Solutions
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Worldscout™ has developed unique AAGPS-based software application that provides business with the tools to maximize wireless devices to track and manage mobile workforces and assets. At the core of Worldscout’s™ approach is our AAGPS technology engine, a flexible, customizable software application that lends itself to many of today’s most pressing GPS-related business applications. Our application suite consists of three primary components:

The Mobile Assistance Service runs behind-the-scenes on a BlackBerry, Android and in development Apple Smartphones, monitoring the built-in GPS and other elements such as cell network coverage, and reports significant events to the Worldscout's™ servers.

The Mobile Dashboard is an interactive mobile application for BlackBerry, Android and Apple Smartphones, that displays the real-time locations of tracked mobile resources as well as notifications such as an emergency and informational alerts such as “Medical”, “I am Here” and “On The Go”.

The omniCONTROL Web Dashboard is used for managing the mobile assets, displaying their current locations complete with customizable icons, current status (stopped/moving/no communication), current and nearest point-of-interest (POI), and current street addresses. Large groups of assets can be managed easily by assigning them to groups, and each asset can be geofenced individually (sends alert if device moves from current location), breadcrumb trails displayed, or a new POI added at their current location. For remote devices that support it, commands can be sent to those devices such as unlocking a door, or switching off the engine ignition.

Worldscout™ Application Feature Summary

  • Online Reports exportable to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Create Custom Alerts for groups or individual users
  • Integrating Existing Services - flexible API for data exchange with other services such as SalesForce.com and MS Dynamics, in addition to availability of custom development for integration into other business solutions such as billing, scheduling, routing, and others
  • Telematics or AVL – features similar to GM's "OnStar™" system which can control vehicle features such as door lock/unlock, ignition kill, current location requests and more